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    Welcome to Lords! Empty Welcome to Lords!

    Post by Chris (Lord Aslan) on Sun Jan 10, 2016 4:18 pm

    Dear Players,

    All the greatest things ever invented and created by man-kind, has started with an idea. That is what the Lords of Travian Community is, an idea.

    The Idea: to be part of a community of players that is bigger than just any one server, or any single domain. To be part of a community that plays all throughout Travian. To be part of a community that doesn't just seek to play the game, but seeks to improve the game by becoming what the game itself is in its essence:  A place which encourages new players. That seeks to challenge veterans. That seeks to provide enjoyment.

    Welcome to the Lords of Travian Community!

    Please register and introduce yourself, then enjoy everything that comes with being part of our community, from hand-picked guides, to games, to challenges and competitions rewarding gold and lots more!

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