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    Post by Steve(random) on Thu Aug 25, 2016 4:53 pm

    We are getting many people who are asking why/when this happened. We've been doing nothing but explaining to the members and yet people say they have no idea so I will post here:

    A- Company had a leadership council. Yet no decisions could be made without Runner who was not around. (Yes this is due to RL issues which we understand). But we can not do NOTHING while waiting for the day Runner MAY come back. The council would bring points up that would just get shot down by Julio (runner dual) as he said we need to wait for Runner to make the decision.

    B- We split but kept open communication with Julio and Muqeet and were working on remerging and staying Company with a council that would actually make decisions. During these talks without saying anything first Julio and Muqeet decided to drop the confed with LoT and offer only an NAP. So this tells me Julio and Muqeet did NOT want to remerge.

    C- Those of you who want to stay Company are more then welcome to leave a LoT wing if you were in a Company wing that split. We apologize to those of you who wanted to stay Company and wait for a leader to make your decisions but the leaders of your wings chose to split so you went with the alliance. Again all you have to do is leave LoT and message someone in Alpha for an invite.

    D- If you have any questions rather then talking to people who aren't in the council and don't have the answers please message: Lord Aslan, CMN4U, Goldstrike , Tassassin, Cornwalker in game or on skype.

    I hope this helped some of you who are saying you don't have the answers.

    ~steve (CMN4U dual)

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