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    Intro: Tassassin Empty Intro: Tassassin

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    (Basic RL Info)
    My name is Andria , and my nickname is Tasa (long story ) , the name Tassassin if anybody is intersted came with combining my nick name and favourite role in games Tasa+assassin Very Happy

    I am 17 years old and live in Belgrade(Serbia)

    If anyone wants to know more about my RL im a friendly "chatty" guy so feel free to PM me on Tassassin account on TT Int 2016 , or through Lord Aslan here Very Happy

    (Basic Game Info)
    My current server: TT International 2016
    My IGN: Tassassin
    My Skype: Tassassin TT 2016

    (Something extra for the audience)
    I'm looking forward to seeing the Lords community advance over the next few years into a community that will hopefully support and add to the general Travian community. Just like Lord Aslan is . Very Happy

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    KISS UP!! lol! jk

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