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    Trading/Resource Swapping Empty Trading/Resource Swapping

    Post by Sawted on Mon Jan 25, 2016 1:59 am

    Hey everyone

    There have been a couple of times recently when I've had excess crop so I've looked at the marketplace and seen a load of possible trades but they've been with rival alliances like OGC or Raiders and I think we should be looking to help each other out before trading with rivals.

    So I propose posting in this thread any resource trades that you would like to make.

    By my reckoning, in order for this to work, the initial post should include the following info:

    • How much of each resource you would like to trade
    • Which resource(s) you would like in exchange (As we're all one alliance I don't think there should be any profiteering from each other so let's keep the trades 1:1!)
    • The coordinates of the village(s) sending the resources
    • The coordinates of the village(s) to receive the resources

    Once someone is willing to make the swap, leave a reply on the forum (so the rest of the alliance knows it's expired) and then arrange delivery in the game.

    I've not been in an alliance that's done this kind of thing before so I'm happy to be advised by the more experienced leaders if this is a bad idea.

    If all's good, happy trading folks!

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