intro: Chith


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    intro: Chith

    Post by Chith on Sat Oct 15, 2016 1:26 pm

    hey guys,

    i am zeit with my half sister ellaine(minor) playing together as duals in most servers we played. brazillian server was our first in 2010. played various types of servers(classic/normal/speed/superspeed) in any countries. our ingame name  in is chith. also currently playing as dual in, uk1 and account owner in comPTR. prevoius ingame name dual/owner were 7th, hemeji, shift, corei7. mostly our location are from philippines,singapore, malaysia,taiwan and canada. my lil sis will be the main player of chith since im working. maybe later my dual in comPTR will join in Chith, her name is Dinelle(troopwise player).

    its nice to be here.


    skype: zeitltrav

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