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    Post by D&E on Wed Oct 05, 2016 10:31 am

    Hi All,

    My name is Denny, and a student from the Netherlands
    I´m playing on D&E, already for 6 years now I think.
    Before that one a few different names, total about 9-10 years of travian experience. The name D&E btw comes from (as you probably can guess) a dualship, but that was years ago and I never changed the name  Laughing .. Makes it easier for old friends to find me (and maybe makes enemy´s more careful before attacking because I´m probably online all the time, usually I AM Rolling Eyes )

    Current servers includes ts1.com,ts4.com, tx2.com and off course ts19.com.
    The first servers are not as active anymore tho, I like the beginning of the game a lot more than the end (they´re all building WW´s atm).

    I usually play roman, it takes a bit longer to train big off army´s but it doesn´t require so much time (and or gold) to get a decent account.
    This time as a Teuton i wanted to play more off because of the quick start I assumed it would be a lot easier. Besides, so far I got more time for the start of this server.

    When playing I usually join an alliance and play it till the end altho most of the times we were not the strongest. I like helping new players, as long as they´re active (you can find a lot of potentials).


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