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    Post by Chris (Admin) on Tue Oct 04, 2016 12:31 am

    Contest is quite simple. In the next WEEK 3rd-9th October:

    We're looking to get this community going, to do so we need to get it active! We're looking for the user who posts the most and opens the most useful topics- can be in the Embassy section, in the games section, in the information and guides section- anywhere!

    Each topic and post needs to be of value to the forum- posting for the sake of posting does not count, and such posts/topics will be deleted.

    250 Gold prize for 1st place.
    100 Gold for 2nd.
    30 gold or 100k Resources for 3rd.

    Also a bonus of 100 Gold for every 10 players you refer to the forum. Each member you refer will have to include in their introduction post who they were referred by, and will need to have 3 posts to their name by the end of the week. New members can come from anywhere in the Travian Community, does not have to be the server you're playing on!

    Competition ends Sunday 9th!

    10th Oct- No participation from members therefore no prizes..

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