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    Introduction (Lord Aslan)

    Post by Chris (Lord Aslan) on Sat Jan 02, 2016 12:14 am

    Could all members please give a basic minimum introduction as shown below:


    (Basic RL Info)
    My name is Chris, I'm male, 26 years old and currently living in South Africa.

    (Basic Game Info)
    My current server: UK5
    My IGN: Lord Aslan
    My Skype: Lord-Aslan

    (Something extra for the audience)
    My name is Chris, I'm 26 years old, born in South Africa to Missionary parents and immagrated to the UK in 2004 at age 14. after school had some work exp then went and studied theology in Scotland. I've just come back (August) from a two year mission trip where I had the privilage of working with remote shepherds in the mountains of Lesotho (Africa).

    I've been playing travian since 2007, starting out with the name Aslan, till I formed Lords of Travian in 2008 with 23 other pre-arranged players who all went in with the prefix of Lord... been playing under the name Lord Aslan since.

    I'm well known for founding Lords on the 2009 t3.6 beta server which had 28k registered players- the largest at the time by a long way. Lords ended up winning the server with myself ending rank 1 off.

    Since then I kind of retired from any serious travian game-play, just keeping upto date in the game by playing on the uk servers, and writing guides.

    My dream right now is build an international community of players, and turn Lords from an Alliance, into a community Smile

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